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Now for Kindle

Encourage The Young Women: Come let us reason the Scripture together is now available at for Kindle. Click here for details. For all eBook formats and paperback, click here for all options.

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eBook Version Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that Encourage The Young Women: Come let us reason the Scripture together, is now available in eBook as well as paperback. Currently available at Smashwords for $2.99, I hope to see it listed at other online booksellers soon. It is available in the following formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, and txt. Smashwords offers a free sample of the book, so do check that out.

The eBook is nearly identical to the print version, with a few necessary adjustments made for the eBook format. There are slight differences in font and formatting, but the biggest difference is with the word studies. In the paperback, word studies contain the actual Hebrew and Greek words in their respective fonts. The eBook edition contains the English transliteration of these words only.

The print edition is available from numerous online booksellers. Click here for a list with links. For a 25% discount on the paperback for blog readers and followers, click here.

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Now Available!


Encourage The Young Women is now available in paperback, covering the same Scripture-based content as the blog. “Come, let us reason the Scripture together.” Can the Bible possibly offer reasonable solutions to the many issues facing modern Christian women today?

~ How do I balance family and career?
~ What is the best Christian ministry for women?
~ Does the Bible really teach sexual inequality?
~ Is submission a curse? Is God saying I’m inferior?
~ Is mutual submission the answer?
~ Respect my husband? What if he doesn’t deserve it?
~ What if my husband isn’t qualified to be spiritual head?
~ How do I love my husband when I don’t feel like it?
~ What is a woman’s power? Over whom is it used?

Encourage The Young Women examines how the Word of God answers these questions. It explores what the Bible has to say by showing the reader how to observe, interpret, and apply Scripture for herself. The 2 to 4 page chapters are perfect for devotional or Bible study.

296 pages, list price is $12.95. It is currently available on Amazon, but blog readers and followers can get 25% off the list price at my CreateSpace eStore. Click here and enter code SLQ8CXHR at checkout.

UPDATE: 8/15/2014. An eBook edition is now available. Click here for details and where to order.

ISBN-10: 0989711110
ISBN-13: 978-0989711111
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.7 inches
Shipping Weight: 13.8 ounces



The Holy Bible: Word of God? Or Word of Man?
How Do You Read The Bible?
The Word of God: A Reasonable Approach
Definition of a Christian

Titus 2:3-5

The Women of Titus Chapter 2
Whom Do You Admire?
How To Do A Word Study
Who Are The Older Women?
Older Women Likewise: Women in Christian Leadership
Temperance: For Drunks Only?
Dignity: A Basic Human Right?
Being Sensible
Spiritual Soundness
Is Faith Blind?
Faith is an Action Word
Love: More Than a Feeling?
Circumstances Getting You Down?
Why Me? Persevering Through Difficulties
Behavior Check for Women in Christian Leadership
How Many Kinds of Gossip Are There, Anyway?
Nor Enslaved To Much Wine
The Problem With Being Good
Teaching What Is Good
How Not to Encourage Your Friends and Family
To Love Their Husbands
To Love Their Children
What Do You Want for Your Children?
Children, Sin, and the D Word
Why I Homeschooled My Children
Public Education: Children as Missionaries
Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?
Guardians of the Household
Influencing Others
Feminism’s 4-Letter Word
Submission For Husbands? You’ve Got to be Kidding
Submission: Biblical Inequality?
Changing Our Husbands
Submission: Where Do We Draw the Line?
Submission To Whom?
Dishonoring the Word of God
“That She Respect Her Husband”
The Spiritually Mature Woman: A Summary of Titus 2:3-5

Genesis Chapters 1 – 3

Genesis 1: An Overview of Creation
Genesis 2: Filling in The Details
Leaving and Cleaving
Companionship in Marriage
Help Meet
Genesis 3 : So What Happened?
The Consequences
The Problem With Sin
Being a Godly Woman

Proverbs 31:10-31

The Excellent Woman: By Whose Definition?
A Woman’s Power
A Husband’s Trust
Willingly Industrious
Diligent Provider
Organized Manager
Shrewd Investor
Woman of Strength
Financially Sensible
Skilled With Her Hands
Faithfully Prepared
Takes Care Of Her Appearance
Unity in Marriage
Successful Businesswoman
No Fear
Wise Teacher
Cause and Effect
Kingdom Minded
The Excellent Woman: A Summary of Proverbs 31:10-31

Bibliography and Resources

General Index
Word Study Index
Scripture Index


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Coming Soon

This summer Encourage The Young Women will be published and available as a book. I hope it will be useful as an encouragement, personal devotional, or for small group Bible study. Watch here for details.

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Blog Sabbatical

Encourage the Young Women is currently on sabbatical.

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